Jeff Caudill - "I Wouldn't Wait"

Check out the brand new video for the stunning track from the singer/songwriter's new EP here!

We're big fns of great singers and songwriters and Jeff Caudill is both of these things -- as he showcases on his new Reset The Sun EP  out today. This music video is from that album and it's quite stunning in its simplistic beauty both musically and lyrically. As you can tell by taking a look at this music video, Jeff's solo music is quite a change from the stuff he made as the frontman of the 90s emo/punk band Gameface. His alt/country sounds here showcase an artist many may not have expected to come from such a scene but Jeff does and "I Wouldn't Wait" and the whole Reset The Sun EP showcase why.

What Jeff Caudill has to say about "I Wouldn't Wait":
""I Wouldn't Wait" is the emotional center of the 'Reset The Sun' story. I wrote it a while back for a movie but it was never used, so I pretty much wrote my own movie around it. We picked a nice morning in Houston to film the video. It reminds me of Coldplay's simple-yet-effective video for "Yellow." Actually, this one's actually more yellow than theirs."