Why "Red Solo Cup" is Good For Country Music

In this article we discuss why we think the new viral smash hit from Toby Keith - the first viral country music song from an established artist - is a very good development for country music.

Album Review: Toby Keith - Clancy's Tavern

Toby Keith's back with his annual Album release. How does Clancy's Tavern, which features "Made In America" and "Red Solo Cup" stack-up against his most recent output? Read on to find out what we have to say about the album.

Toby Keith - "Clancy's Tavern" Cut By Cut

Toby Keith is one of the few artists today who constantly churn out new albums on a yearly basis. This year's Clancy's Tavern will have the added benefit of #1 single "Made In America." Read Toby's own words about the songs on the new album, due out on October 25!

Toby Keith "Clancy's Tavern" Tracklist

Country music used to have one or two albums come out per year, per artist. Nowadays, we're lucky if the artists release an album every two years. Toby Keith -  the 'old soul' that he is - still gets at least one record out a year. Read on to see the tracklist on 2011's release!