New Artist Spotlight: Holly Williams

The setting was perfect.  After performing a stunning set of songs from her upcoming album at Nashville's honky tonk "The Stage," Holly Williams sat down to discuss her career in the perfect atmosphere.  Topics discussed included Holly's single, her new album and why she chose to perform.

Hank Williams - Your Cheatin' Heart

Here's one of the most often recorded country songs.

Hank Williams - Mind Your Own Business

Here's one of Hank Williams' first hits.

Honky Tonk Music

Perhaps no other style of country music has had a greater influence on today's artists than the style known as Honky Tonk. Honky Tonk music embodied the spirit of dancing and drinking, and of loving and then losing the one you love. Its greatest practitioners owe their singing style to Jimmie Rodgers and much of the music to the steel guitar and drums of Bob Wills and Western Swing.