Scotty McCreery's Path To Gold is "Clear as Day"

With over 500,000 copies of his debut album Clear As Day out on the market, Scotty McCreery is now officially a Gold-certified country singer. Certified by the RIAA this month, the album features a pair of hits. Read on to see Scotty's reaction to the certification here.

Scotty McCreery "Clear As Day" Cut-By-Cut

Set to be released on October 4, 2011, Scotty McCreery's debut album Clear As Day now has a song-by-song available for it and we thought we'd share it with all of the Scotty fans out there looking to know more about the album from the American Idol season 10 winner himself.

Scotty McCreery "Clear As Day" Tracklist

Scotty McCreery is set to release Clear As Day in October. We've just found his new album's tracklist and have it to share with you here. Read on to see what songs will be joining "I Love You This Big" on the 19/Interscope/Mercury Nashville album.

Scotty McCreery - Clear As Day

The potential to be a star was obvious from the first moment our Editor saw Scotty perform on American Idol's season 10 in 2011. Read on to see what our Editor has to say about Scotty's debut album Clear As Day, right here!