Brad Paisley - American Saturday Night

With his immense songwriting and guitar playing ability, Brad Paisley has seemingly transformed himself from awe-shucks newcomer to superstar in less than a decade.  Will this album help him contune his upward momentum?

Rhonda Vincent - Destination Life

After trying her hand at a country career in the early 1990's Rhonda Vincent focused on her roots and returned to Bluegrass and it is here where she's become an icon. Will "Destination Life" help her retain her star status?

Hank Williams, Jr. - 127 Rose Avenue

Here's Hank Williams, Jr.'s latest album, the first release since 2002's "I'm One Of You."  Is this album in line with his rootsier effors like "The Almeria Club" or is it more in step with today's flavor of the month?