Single Review: Thompson Square - Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About

By: Bobby Peacock

Last Updated: June 14, 2013 4:06 PM

I really enjoyed nearly every aspect of Thompson Square's first album: the chemistry between this husband-and-wife duo, the lyrics that managed to find 12 different ways to say "I love you" without feeling repetitive; and the balance between Kiefer and Shawna's voices. So I was extremely let down when "If I Didn't Have You" turned out to be four minutes completely devoid of originality (um, guys, I think you already used "every breath I breathe" in "I Got You" — don't clichés have a statute of limitations?) with a flat melody, ridiculously overbearing production, and a near-total lack of Kiefer. At least it went to #1 to keep the duo's momentum intact.

But with "Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About", I can lay all my worries about this duo's musical future aside. Kiefer leads off, saying that he has "a million things" on his mind, but he's currently set on the one he loves. When Shawna jumps in on verse two, she adds a very credible reciprocation, making the most of the lyrically thin song (seriously, only ten lines not counting the chorus). But what the song lacks in detail, it more than makes up for in execution: the production is very energetic, with a heavy beat and searing guitar solos, and both members of the duo are in as fine voice as ever. 

While Florida Georgia Line currently rules the roost as the biggest hitmaking duo, it seems as if, for the first time in ages, there is room for more than one duo on country radio. Kiefer and Shawna clearly have the musical chops to stand out from the pack while pleasing radio and fans alike. And outside "If I Didn't Have You," they have the lyrical chops not to overdo the lovey-dovey aspects that they sell so effortlessly. "Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About" should easily have what it takes to prove that T2 is no flash in the pan.

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