Single Review: Luke Bryan - Drink A Beer

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: November 4, 2013 1:11 PM

After landing the #1 single slot again with “That’s My Kind Of Night,” a party song if there ever was one, Luke Bryan’s set to go in a completely different way with his follow-up single — the third from Crash My Party — “Drink A Beer.” If you were to pay attention to just the title, you’d think it WAS another party tune in a string of party song after party song but “Drink A Beer” isn’t that kind of song. Instead, what it is is a song — written by Chris Stapleton and Jim Beavers — that uses the drinking of beer as a plot device to help a man get over the terrible news of the loss of someone close to him. 

This song isn’t a song that’s about coping with that loss longterm, instead it’s about that very raw, real emotion we often get when we find out the news of a loved one or friend passing away and that immediate need to figure out a way to cope and wrap our emotions around the fact that we’ll never get to talk to, laugh or love with those people again. And for some people, that’s to go to a treasured spot where you spent a lot of good times with the dearly departed and to sit there, think and drink a beer while doing it. 

Luke Bryan has lived the emotions of the song due to the untimely loss of two siblings (a brother and a sister) so it’s not surprising that he gives an air of authenticity to the lyrics with one of his most passionate vocals to date. Chris Stapleton provides some stunning and soulful harmony singing on the track as well. “Drink A Beer” may not sell as many digital singles as the hook-filled title track or past hits like “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” but it could very well be the kind of song that will garner the Superstar “Single of the Year” and the writers  “Song of the Year” nominations and wins from award shows. It has the kind of powerful impact to it that Miranda Lambert scored with “Over You” and if it gets that kind of fan acceptance, “Drink A Beer” could very well become a signature single for Luke Bryan. It’ certainly ‘deserves’ to.

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