Single Review: Jerrod Niemann - Drink To That All Night

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: October 23, 2013 4:09 PM

With his sophomore album Free The Music a showcase of innovative and uniqueness that was different from debut Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury failed to ignight with audiences, one would've expected Jerrod Niemann to play a little more to current or mainstream country radio tastes and in one sense -- the theme of "Drink To That All Night" -- Jerrod Niemann has but in the melodic sense, this is as unique, innovative and risky an artist can get.

Quite simply, Jerrod Niemann's an artist willing to take risks to make interesting music. The song -- written by Lance Miller, Derek George and The Warren Brothers -- may talk about having a good time but it's wrapped up in a musical bow that is bound to be polarizing. As someone who enjoys as much 'pop' music as I do Country music, I notice the influences of the pop, rock and even hiphop (if only for the rapid fire delivery of the verses of "Drink To That All Night) and I'm completely fine with it. Yes, there is use of some auto tune but much like pop/rock band fun., Jerrod Niemann is using it as part of a the song because he can, not because he needs it. It's not even a major part of the song but the mere fact it is there is enough for some people to not want to ever hear "Drink To That All Night." 

That being said, you gotta admire Jerrod Niemann for trying to be different. He's never released two songs that sound the same and while that has affected his chart success for singles from Free The Music, "Drink To That All Night" has a good natured, feel good vibe to it and quite honestly, it's the kind of song that makes for a fun part of a road trip playlist, a workout playlist, or -- of course -- a party playlist. Which means that it's perfect for the kind of song modern country radio stations want to have littered on their playlists and it does so in a way that is easily one of the most unique songs on the market.


Listen to "Drink To That all Night" here

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