Single Review: Eric Paslay - Friday Night

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: April 18, 2013 1:04 PM

An award-winning songwriter who has written hits like "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" for Eli Young Band, "Angel Eyes" for Love and Theft and "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" for Jake Owen, Eric Paslay has been trying to get a couple singles of his own to become hits on the Country Radio charts and despite releasing the interesting "Never Really Wanted" in 2011 and the catchy "If The Fish Don't Bite" in 2012, he's still looking for that elusive breakout hit and hopes the third time's the charm with "Friday Night," a single that was previously recorded by Lady Antebellum on their Own The Night album.

Written by Eric with Rose Falcon and Rob Crosby, "Friday Night" is a melodic, arena-ready sing-a-long type of song with a guy who proclaims everything he wants to be and do with the girl he's just met ("lemonade in the shade, summertime sunshine, jackpot hotspot, etc). In other words he wants to be the one to make her world great and happy.

The lyrics are performed over a snappy melody and when comparing it to Lady Antebellum's recording, Paslay's take on the song is much, much more grounded in Country Music's roots with banjos and fiddles audibly in the mix. "Friday Night" isn't the kind of song that will win "Song of the Year" awards but it has enough to suggest that Paslay could at the very least eek out a Top 20 style hit if everything rolls right but there's nothing about this song that suggests a superstar in the making. Then again, sometimes this seems to be what corporate radio wants, doesn't it?

Listen here to "Friday Night"


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