Jason Michael Carroll - Growing Up Is Getting Old

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: April 29, 2009 2:04 AM

Solid.  That is the perfect word to easily describe Jason Michael Carroll's sophomore album for Arista Records Nashville.  While there aren't any songs on "Growing Up Is Getting Old" that leave the listener speechless, the album doesn't ever fall into faux rock or poseur territory either.  The record starts off, as all modern country albums do, with a song with an up-tempo groove.  "Happened On A Saturday Night (Suzie Q)" is a cute little track about love and the way things can happen when you least expect them to while "Let Me Go" has the sound of a hit single in that the fiddle and mandolin-laced melody find J.M.C. singing about a guy who pleads with a woman to leave him because she would be better off yet somehow the woman keeps 'holding on' to him for some reason that's unfathomable to the narrator.

First single "Where I'm From" may have a plodding lyric that leaves the track firmly in the "I'm proud of my hometown" same-song-y camp but somehow J.M.C manages to keep the song from completely derailing.  "Tears" chronicles how divorce and separations affect both the parents and the children and it's one of the better tracks as Jason Michael Carroll uses his strong baritone to emote the lyrics.  "That's All I Know" features some more strong fiddle work as J.M.C. sings a lyric that is very similar to Pat Green's "What I'm For."  It's a shame because both songs really have a sonic sound that would fit well on Country radio and only one of 'em is likely to get chosen as a single due to the similarities. 

"We Threw It All Away" is an up-tempo track that finds J.M.C. singing about a couple of ladder climbers who 'threw their future away' for the love that each other shared.  The couple then went threw a couple of other instances where they 'threw all their future away' for love and life.  The album features some fine chicken pickin’ in the form of the fun ditty "Barn Burner" and end ends "Hurry Home," a track describing unconditional love, that may be the best track on this 10 song collection.  While "Growing Up Is Getting Old" may not have a huge 'obvious' hit, it is a solid and sturdy collection of country music tunes that should keep Jason Michael Carroll on the charts and on the road, in other words, exactly what it was designed to do.

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