Dale Watson - The Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 2

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: April 21, 2009 2:04 PM

As much as I like contemporary Country music, it does my heart and soul good to listen to some honest-to-goodness Country music, the kind that you don’t have to ever think about what genre it belongs to for there’s no way one could consider Dale Watson and his “The Truckin’ Sessions, Vol. 2” as anything but.   The album is a follow-up to his most popular release of his long career, “The Truckin’ Sessions.”  Like Aaron Tippin’s great “In Overdrive,” Dale’s album is a complete album about and for truck drivers.  Unlike Tippin’s album, “The Truckin’ Sessions, Vol. 2” is comprised of completely newly written tracks.

The record starts off with the fiddle and guitar shuffle “Drag-N-Fly,” a song about a truck driver who goes up mountains slowly (Drag) only to fly down the other side.  The band provides a stellar instrumental breakdown as Redd Volkeart plays some Haggard-like guitar while Don Raby’s fiddle also gets a spotlight.  On “Jack’s Truck Stop and Café,” Dale sings a Waylon-like ballad about enjoying a little time off with some friends while “Yankee Doodle Jean” is a rocker that tells a story of a woman who decides her life would be better as a Truck drivin Mama instead of a sedentary life as a waitress in Mabel’s Café.   

“Hero” is one of the few ballads on this collection and it finds Watson singin’ about the tough things truckers go through while driving in the rain as he plays it safe with his truck so he can ‘play the hero to the tempo of my wipers each mile.’  It’s followed by the spirited “I Got To Drive” and “Truckin’ Man.”   “Me And Freddie And Jake,” like quite a few songs on the album, feels as if it’s a song from yesteryear while the Texas shuffle “Texas Boogie” ends “The Truckin’ Sessions” on a high note.  Dale Watson may not be a household name to mainstream country fans but for people who enjoy their music with twang, steel guitars and such, there isn’t a better man to listen to.  Albums like “The Truckin’ Sessions, Vol. 2” show exactly why as the man manages to play Country music the way it was meant to be played.

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