Brad Paisley - American Saturday Night

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: July 16, 2009 7:25 PM

While Brad Paisley’s star has been on a continual rise for almost a decade now, Brad Paisley, with the release of his album “5th Gear” he has seemingly turned himself into the go-to guy at country radio.  Not only is he that guy, Brad also happens to be one hell of a songwriter and guitarist. After last year’s mostly instrumental “Play,” Brad returned to the charts with his 10th consecutive #1 single in the form of “Then,” (read review here) a song that showcased Brad Paisley as a man who feels that his love for his wife has only gotten stronger as their life together has progressed.  At the time of this album’s release, Brad Paisley has announced that the track “Welcome To The Future”  will be released to radio and even with a radio edit, the song will be nearly five minutes long.  An interesting song idea, Brad Paisley really stretches him out here in a way that hasn’t been done before (read single review here).

While I could live without the ‘water’ sound-effects in the intro and outro of “Water,” Brad Paisley once again shows off an ability to take simple pleasures of a lifetime of living and turn it into a catchy, sing-a-long type of summery song.  I am surprised, quite frankly, that they didn’t release this one to radio instead of “Future” as it fits the summertime mood quite nicely.  Then again, it’s not as ambitious as “Future” so perhaps that is why.  “American Saturday Night” is another track that finds some kind of gimmicky opening to it (that will be edited out of the radio edition) and those group vocals could’ve been left out of the song (it feels a bit tired) but I still see where Brad and co-producer Frank Rogers were going with their song that is all about having fun on a Saturday night, no matter what part of the country you’re in (brad’s guitar solo kicks quite nicely too).

Leading into a groove-heavy, 60’s-ish ballad with some Clapton-like guitar pickin’, Brad goes ahead and sings a song that reminds me of something that you’d find on a Lee Roy Parnell record a decade ago. Another words, it’s some southern, countryfried soul music.   Anyone who is a parent will certainly relate to the sentiment found in “Anything Like Me,” a song that is no doubt inspired by 2 year old son William Huckleberry while “You Do The Math,” with it’s cash-like beat features Paisley using another pick-up line as the basis of a song. 
Brad Paisley wanted to showcase his ability to craft a record that was true to himself as an artist and person and with an interesting amout of variety to it and, for the most part, he’s done just that.  “American Saturday Night” is the work of an artist fully in command of both himself and his audience and it’s a record that is likely to become the most successful and popular release of his career.

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