Album Review: Justin Moore - Off The Beaten Path

By: Ashley Cooke

Last Updated: September 12, 2013 11:09 AM

Out the gate, Justin Moore’s new album, Off the Beaten Path, is better than his last. Off the Beaten Path brings Justin Moore fans back to the mellow mid-tempo artist we fell in love with, when we first heard his breakout hit “Small Town USA.”  With this range of songs, we see a softer side of America’s country boy, the opposite of the man that we saw on Outlaws Like Me.

While there isn’t a truly bad song on the album, the songs that stand out are, “Lettin the Night Go,” “Country Radio,” Off the Beaten Path” and “Old Habits,” a duet with Miranda Lambert.

Opening with a piano solo, “Old Habits” is country ballad with a badass duo.  You can feel the emotion as Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore really pour their hearts in to the lyrics of the song. “I said goodbye when you let go, still I hold on to all I know, wherever I am, there you are, because old habits die hard.” A sad, yet relatable song and as traditional as it may be, it’s a favorite.

“Country Radio” and “Old Back in the New School,” are a pair of songs that we're more used to hearing from Justin. With a sound much like Blake Shelton’s “Boys Round Here,” the title track, “Off the Beaten Path,” is the most pop sounding song on the album. The catchy sound is contagious.

“Small Town USA,” put Justin Moore on the map. “This Kind of Town,” gives you the same kind of feel as that #1 song. “We work hard, play hard, take our paychecks straight to the Walmart.” If that is not small town USA, I don’t know what is. It’s very much a front porch, back deck reflection song.

Kim Kardashian gets a shout out in “I’d Want it to Be Yours,” with a song dedicated to a girl’s “hiney,” I guess it makes sense. All in all, the song is a little silly, but it’s fun.  

“That’s How I Know You Love Me,” is thanking a significant other for being there when you needed them most, not trying to change them, but accepting them for who they are and growing with them. 

For every die-hard Justin Moore fan, “For Some Old Redneck Reason” is going to hit home. Redneck in this song; stands for respect. Respecting your self, the people around you and this country.  Enter Charlie Daniels in the last verse to add his two cents.  This is a song that probably won’t be a mega hit, but  it's still a good song with a truthful concept. 

And lastly, as played-out as country songs about dirt roads are, “One Dirt Road" has a nice twist to the cliched tropes. It's a sweet song about heaven and what it might be like just hoping that in Heaven there just might be only “One Dirt Road.”

The current single, “Point at You,” is not indicative to rest of the album. The album is much more traditional Justin, than this song leads us to believe. I believe Justin Moore fans will be pleased with  Off the Beaten Path. In genre filled with "bro"-filled, pop-Country, Justin Moore stays true to his cowboy hat, the Country way and the twang we've grown to love with Off The Beaten Path

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