Album Review: Joey+Rory - A Farmhouse Christmas

By: Marc Erickson

Last Updated: November 28, 2011 11:11 AM

With two well-received albums (2008’s “the Life of a Song” and 2010’s “Album Number Two”) and a few hits to their credit (including Top 30 “Cheater, Cheater,”), Joey+Rory have carved a niche in the country music world where they kindly keep their music country. While they’re thoroughly entrenched with keeping the traditional country sounds alive (in a time of great pop-crossover), they’re still very much a duo which makes music with wide appeal. Look no further than their brand new album “A Farmhouse Christmas,” a record which features twelve songs. With only two ‘classic’ songs (“Away In A Manger” and “Blue Christmas”), the album is a largely new affair with Merle Haggard’s classic non-yuletide hit “If We Make It Through December” working well within the constructs of a Christmas recording.

There are fantastic songs like “The Gift” (a tune Garth Brooks once recorded) and “It’s Christmas Time” (a single released in 2010) on this record and like that Garth Brooks record referenced, A Farmhouse Christmas features quite a bit of humorous and just plain fun songs like “I Know What Santa’s Getting For Christmas,” “What The Hell (It’s The Holidays),” “Come Sit On Santa Claus’ Lap,” and “Let it Snow (Somewhere Else).”

If you like acoustic and traditional country-leaning Christmas recordings, it’s hard to not whole-heartedly recommend A Farmhouse Christmas. Hell, it’s hard not to recommend the album to fans of Christmas music in general. It’s just a fun Christmas record to add to a yuletide collection.

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