Brad Paisley Parts With Sony Music Nashville?

After 20 plus years on the Arista Nashville Imprint, it could be time for change in the land of Brad Paisley when it comes to his future recording partnerships.

With over 20 years as a part of the Arista Nashville label (he was signed to the label when it was still independent of Sony Music Nashville), Brad Paisley has long been a stalwart with the label and SMN. But, like all good things, it seems as if his time with the label is short.

It makes sense too when you “read the tea leaves” so to speak. Paisley, a veteran artist with hits becoming fewer and further between, has only released a handful of singles since the release of his Love and War album in 2016. And given that he extended his label deal in 2018, it makes sense that that extension would be ending after 5 years, making him a 2023 free agent. But, like many superstar free agents, he isn’t or likely wasn’t one for long.

Look for an announcement one way or anther around Country Radio Seminar and early March, 2023. Speculation is already afoot about a landing place but we’ll leave it at that: speculation. We’ll update you about his future home when it is confirmed.