Morgan Wallen Suspended by label, Removed From Radio, Streaming, CMT after Uttering Racial Slur

The response has been quick in country music as the young superstar's latest -- and worst -- transgression brought about suspensions everywhere.

The very same week his album Dangerous: The Double Album scored a third week at #1 and was poised for a fourth week at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart, Morgan Wallen decided to, after returning home from a night of partying somewhere, was caught on video using a racial slur. It’s the third and worst transgression in the past 12 months for the star singer and it clearly is the straw that broke the camel’s back as the response this morning has been quick as his songs have been pulled from all streaming playlists (except for one focused on his own songs) and radio stations have suspended playing his music nationwide as a result. His label (which also manages and publishes his songwriting), Big Loud Records, has suspended him indefinitely too.

Wallen, whose “7 Summers” was well on its way to being a massive radio hit, will need to look internally and figure out why he keeps stumbling when he should be soaring. Every step he took as his career has taken off has brought him closer to falling further. It remains to be seen if this “cancel” is permanent on country music’s part or if, after a period of taking care of his problems — which seems to include alcohol as it was a catalyst for every one of his events but no means an excuse — we see Morgan Wallen having any sort of successful career that rivaled where he was prior to the February 2 2021 incident outside of his own home.


  • courtney

    edit to earlier post Mr. Wallen's album is eligible to be certified platinum this week its 8th on sale though he was suspended from his label for his racial slur incident so the album may not be certified as it should be. where as for example Olivia Rodrigo's single Driver's License is 2x platinum in the US and will also be platinum in the UK in a few weeks it passed 500,000 in the UK last week platinum for singles is 600,000. the top singles are Elton John's Candle in The Wind 1997 9x platinum Ed Sheeran Shape Of You 8x platinum Band Aid Do They Know Its Christmas 7x platinum Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You 5x platinum Adele Hello 4x platinum etc.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    Morgan's album is eligible to be certified Gold as it's sold more than 500,000 copies in its first four weeks on sale namely 703,000 and will be platinum in about 3 weeks as it doesn't count as two discs for certification purposes without it bonus tracks so 1,000,000 is platinum for example Columbia Records 2001 compilation Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits should be 3x platinum in the US for double disc rule for shipping/selling 1.5 million copies and several other albums are eligible for updates Such as Butterfly 6x platinum #1s 7x platinum Emancipation Of Mimi 7x platinum EMC2 2x platinum granted the later two are from her years with Island Def Jam 2002 to 2016 also in the next number of years she will earn her 3rd and 4th diamond albums with 1990 Self Titled Debut and 1994s Merry Christmas becoming the first female to earn more than 3 10 million sellers in the US Shania Twain and Whitney Houston each have 3 granted one of Whitney's diamond albums is the best selling film soundtrack in US history the Bodyguard currently certified 18x platinum and may receive an update in 2022 for the films 30th anniversary as it did in 2017 for the films 25th anniversary mind you several albums turn 25 in 2022 such as Spice Girls Spice North American release Mariah Carey's Butterfly Tim McGraw's Everywhere etc.