Exclusive Story Behind The Song: Scotty McCreery's "Five More Minutes"

See our exclusive excerpt from the new book "Behind The Boards: Nashville," the new book from prolific music biographer Jake Brown.

In his new book, Behind The Boards: Nashville, noted author Jake Brown continues his series of telling the stories behind some of the world's biggest songs. He previously wrote a couple volumes of stories behind the hit songs told from the songwriter's point of view in how those songs were created and today, we share how songwriter/producer Frank Rogers set about making the hit song "Five More Minutes" with rising star Scotty McCreery. Below you'll find the excerpt from the new book, Jake Brown's 50th as an author and biographer. This book takes us on a journey behind the scenes of the studio as producer and artists work together to create the songs that become a deep part of our lives.

As told by Frank Rogers to Jake Brown: With “5 Minutes” specifically, the writing phase of that was Monty Criswell, whose a good songwriter friend of mine. I’d been working with Scotty and just felt like Monty and Scotty would hit it off. So I suggested the 3 of us write together and Monty always has tons of song ideas, and he showed up about an hour early that day and we went through a bunch of them and picked out 5 or 6 I thought would probably work for Scotty. Then he came in and had just lost his granddad and was talking about that as we started going through song ideas, and when we came across “5 More Minutes” he asked “What’s that about?” So when we explained it was just about snap shots of life you just wish you had a little bit more time for, as he continued talking about his grand dad it became obvious, “Okay, this is what we’re writing today.”

So we wrote that, and as soon as we finished, it felt like it was a special one. The record could have really easily been a slow ballad but with radio liking up-tempo better, I did my best to get it to a point where I gave it as much motion as I could without taking away from the emotion of the lyric. The one side fun note on that one is, if you listen to the loop sound on there, my wife has her grand dad’s old grandfather clock, and I actually brought it into the studio and the kick drum is me hitting the side of the clock. Then the back-beat snare sound is me clicking the clock hand, so that’s the loop!

And there you have it! If you're interested in more stories from behind the boards and scenes of Nashville, click here to order your own copy of Behind The Boards: Nashville.