The Roughstock Joe Diffie Album Archive Deep Dive

It's been six weeks or so since Joe Diffie passed away from complications arising from COVID-19. In that time our writers are taking a deep dive into the catalog of the iconic honky tonk singer/songwriter. Check back here to access each review of his core albums (and if his previously planned album for 2020 gets released, we'll cover that here as well).

One of the earliest celebrities to die from COVID-19 complications, Joe Diffie will forever be remembered by many 90s country music fans as the man behind the fun, nonchalant ditties. And while he was known for hits like "Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I Die)," "Pickup Man," "Bigger Than The Beatles" and "Third Rock From the  Sun," Joe Diffie was without a doubt one of the best country vocalists of any generation in country music but especially his generation. His songs were much more than those ditties and his string of hits include strong, country songs like "Home," "John Deere Green," "Almost Home," "Honky Tonk Attitude" and "Is It Cold In Here."

Below is a clickable list into the reviews from our writers Matt Bjorke and Dan Macintosh. While Matt was well-vearsed in all things Diffie, Dan proved a perfect counterpart to tackle this project as the majority of the Joe Diffie catalog was new to his ears and he didn't have any pre-conceived favorite albums so what you'll see in the links are fresh takes on the catalog of Joe Diffie.