High Valley Launch New Single "Single Man"

Dynamic duo behind "Make You Mine" return with the lead single from their second album for Atlantic Records.

Blending bluegrass elements with contemporary EDM grooves, brothers Curtis and Brad Rempel of High Valley certainly have found a unique nice within country music. Quite simply, they sound unlike anyone else in the genre. Their dynamic sound is showcased on newly minted track "Single Man." Brad Rempel co-wrote the song with Jordan Schmidt and Derrick Southerland. The song take a look at the fabled "The grass isn't always greener" approach with comparisons between married and single life.

“Sometimes being single looks really fun,” Brad said. “Wild, free, less responsibility… but my wife and kids are so amazing that I honestly don't know a single man who wouldn't want to trade places with me!”
The lead track from their forthcoming sophomore album, “Single Man” ushers in the next era of High Valley while exploring the duo’s familiar roots. People shared an exclusive interview with the duo, noting that their “bluegrass-influenced country always has had a way of speaking their own personal truth” (See HERE). Click HERE to see a special “Single Man” concept video, which premiered earlier today.