EP Review: CJ Solar - “Get Away With It”

Hit singer/songwriter’s second EP for Sea Gayle Records showcases why he’s one of country’s fastest-rising songwriters.

There may be only five songs on Get Away With It but over the course of those songs contained within the album, CJ Solar manages to make the kind of noise most artists coming out of Nashville can only dream of doing. “Airplane” is a hit on secondary and satellite radio and it’s easy to see why. The song is a mid-tempo song about the ashes of a breakup. It’s clever songwriting and something that deserves the success CJ has received to date. "American Girls" finds the same groove and certainly should be a success on the radio charts now that it's the follow-up single to "Airplane" as the tune blends southern rock with mainstream country and fits right in with the summertime good vibes theme country radio loves in the warmer months of the year.

“Same Town” is a song about every singer/songwriter following their dreams to Nashville and how everyone’s small hometown is basically the same. It’s a novel way to basically say we’re all the same and that nobody is better than anyone else. The melodic rock n roll groove is novel for mainstream country music (even in a world with Jason Aldean’s brand of Arena ready country rock) and it finds CJ Solar showcasing his strong vocal. “Hell No” closes out Get Away With It and that one includes more stellar songwriting and allows Solar to stretch his southern rock leanings, something he grew up listening to and playing along with the country music showcased here. There may not be 10 or 12 songs on Get Away With It but with the quality material that is present, it certainly keeps you wanting to come back for more.