Album Review: Little Big Town - "The Breaker"

Award-winning quartet delivers seventh studio album and proves that "Better Man" isn't the only great song on the project.

After the Grammy-winning success of the smash hit "Girl Crush" and their RIAA-certified previous album Pain Killer, Little Big Town could've simply made another album like that one but they didn't. Instead they have evolved slightly more with their intricate harmonies and Jay Joyce's sturdy production with The Breaker, a record which showcases all four members (Kimberly Schlapman, Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet) individually at different moments. Jimi stars on "Night On Our Side," Phillip on "We Went To The Beach" Kimberly on "Beat Up Bible" and Karen on the hit single "Better Man" while the band collectively works together on the other 8 tracks.

Once again working with top songwriters like Lori McKenna, Luke Laird, Barry Dean, Audra Mae, Matt Jenkins, Liz Rose, TJ Osborne and Taylor Swift among others, the quartet showcases why they've become one of country music's best treasures. "Better Man" and "Beat Up Bible" are joined by "When Someone Stops Loving You" and the title track "The Breaker" showcase the more intimate side of the band with more mid and down tempo songs with the title track a stunning closing statement to the record. While they offer those moments of intimate displays of honest emotions, the band also still knows how to deliver the tempo, songs more radio-ready. "Rollin'" and "Night On Our Side" feel like anthemic radio-ready jams while "Free" and "Happy People" offer unique sounds wrapped up in delicious harmonies and Jay Joyce's clever production. "We Went To The Beach" isn't your typical beach song while "Don't Die Young, Don't Get Old" is just an interesting song.

With a dozen strong and diverse tunes, Little Big Town's The Breaker provides more of what fans want from the band while not repeating themselves. They take risks here -- as they have always done -- and they largely work on this satisfying album that deserves to be listened to from start to finish.