Album Review: Brett Young - "Brett Young"

BMLG's latest discovery is already on his second hit as 12 track album hits stores.

Within the first four tracks of his self-titled debut for BMLG Records, Brett Young showcases why he's fast becoming a core radio artist. The opening mid-tempo "Sleep Without You" finds Young describing how much he loves his girlfriend via non-traditional means: telling her he'll wait for her to get home from her girl's night out. Some might find fault in the lyric, if they're jaded, but it comes off as sweet album's tempo builds on the uniquely presented "Close Enough." There's a slightly jarring opening chorus refrain but once the song gets into the groove, the melody and lyrics work. "Like I Loved You" has a midtempo radio-friendly groove while "In Case You Didn't Know" is the second radio hit on the album at the time of its release. It should easily become a second #1 after "Sleep," and it's an even better song. There's a pulsating groove to the ballad as Brett sings about all of the ways his girlfriend inspires him and makes him feel. It's a song anyone in love would melt to hear.

Mid-tempo songs are where Brett and his blue-eyed soul vocals shine. He's able to end lyrics and melody. "Olivia Mae" and "Back On The Wagon" showcase this, blending the classic sounds of soul and pop with Dann Huff's sturdy country production. "You Ain't Hear To Kiss Me" is already a hit on SiriusXM and it's easy to see why as it's a mid-tempo ballad which is clearly a sweet spot for this dynamic talent. "Back on the Wagon" is a song which compares a relationship to an addiction, a couple who cannot seem to end their relationship. It takes a well worn country theme (late night booty calls) and presents it in a fresh way.

Each of the 12 songs here showcase Brett Young as a potential superstar and perhaps no song does that better than the Adele-like "Mercy," an emotive relationship ballad. It's a hell of an exclamation point on a well-crafted debut album project.



  • Courtney Puzzo

    self titled albums are fairly common in the music industry for instance Faith Hill and Britney Spears both released a self titled disc as their third album April 21st 1998 and November 5th 2001 respectively Faith's self titled album is 6 x platinum while Britney's is eligible for 5 x platinum having sold 4.988.000 or Janet Jackson's 1993 self titled 5th album is eligible for eight times platinum having sold 7.9 million in the US alone though in Ms Jackson's case the 1993 disc was her 2nd self titled album Janet is by far Ms Jackson's best selling studio album granted the album spawned 9 singles and several high profile awards nominations including a best original song Oscar nomination for Again which was used in the movie Poetic Justice in which Janet co starred with Rapper Tupac Shakur though Bruce Springsteen won the best original song Oscar that Year for Streets Of Philadelphia the opening theme from the Movie Philadelphia the closing theme simply Titled Philadelphia by Neal Young was also nominated