Album Review: Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story

We take a look at and tell you why you should want to get a copy of this comprehensive, career-spanning box set.

If Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story were merely a three disc collection of his hits from his 25 years as a country star (covering 1989-2010 musically with 8 new tracks), the set would be a smashing success but the compilers at Sony/Legacy knew better than to just package the hits into a three Disc box set. Instead, they have packaged Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story into a cohesive set with a 60 page booklet, a large panel double-sided poster and a three disc fold out package all put together in an appealing slipcover package with raised, embossed lettering. In other words, it’s the perfect gift for longtime Alan Jackson fans or for fans who came to the superstar’s music later in his career and don’t own anything by him or those who want a cohesive career-spanning collection to own. This one, is for the fans.

As for that sweet, sweet music the set includes 59 tracks 51 of them Hits from Alan Jackson’s career, all listed in chronological order on this collection from “Blue Blooded Woman” from 1989 and “Livin’ On Love” in 1994 to “Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)” in 2001 and “As She’s Walking Away” from 2010. The music is all here. Great new songs include “Born Too Late,” “If Tears Could Talk,” “Seguro Que Hell Yes,” “Wings,” “Love Is Hard,” “Ain’t Just A Southern Thing” and a live version of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” and the national anthem of the USA, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Lovingly compiled by Legacy's Debbie Doebler and mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix in Nashville, Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story may be one of the decade’s best, comprehensive overview of an artist in any genre. While we’re in a digital world, this Walmart exclusive is something country music fans or collectors of good musical works should want to own. It’s most definitely worth our time. (below are a few pictures of the project).