Sunny Sweeney Makes Texas Music Chart History

Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter scores second #1 in a row off of 2014 release “Provoked” on a chart where few women ever top the charts.

We can talk about Tomatoes and salad all day on the mainstream country music charts but in Texas, it’s even HARDER for female artists to break into the top 10 let alone hit #1 yet that’s exactly what Sunny Sweeney has done with her current single “My Bed,” a duet with Will Hoge. This marks the first time in the history of the Texas Music Chart that a female artist has ever had two consecutive singles reach #1 on the chart.

"I am very honored to be the first female to ever have two number one songs back to back on the Texas music chart,” Sweeney expressed. “I believe firmly that if you just keep following your heart and working your butt off, you will see the payoff and positive results. Being able to finally work with my friend Will Hoge was so exciting for me. The addition of his voice completed the song.”

Written by Sweeney with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, “My Bed” is an emotional and meditative ballad about the dissolution of a marriage, a situation which was ripped right out of (or at least inspired by) Sweeney’s own life.

“People have come up to me after shows and said, 'I've been there.' I said, 'Me too, honey.' I think everybody has, not necessarily a marriage, but a bad breakup where you're at that point,” Sweeney told Billboard. “To me, it's one of those stories to where if I heard it as a fan, I would relate to it. I've been through that before and I wish I had that to listen to. Music helps me cope, it has my whole life. I'm excited that everybody is digging it."

Sweeney’s previous single, “Bad Girl Phase” was the first single in a decade to hit the top spot on the Texas Music Chart last fall and it inspired David Macias of Thirty Tigers (who distributed Sweeney’s album Provoked) to say, "We thank Texas radio as they show again that they are as open to great tomatoes as well as great lettuce."
Macais continues, “We are unceasingly proud of Sunny. Her top shelf music and fighting independent spirit are so appreciated by all of us at Thirty Tigers."