Roughstock’s 10 Best: May 21, 2015

We bring back our Spotify-centric playlist of 10 songs we’re digging this week!

We love to share songs we’re feeling at the moment and this list represents 10 of our current favorites, many — but not all — of them singles. Songs from Kristian Bush, Drake White, Aaron Tippin, Randy Houser, Craig Campbell, Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves and Hunter Hayes lead the list along with Kelsea Ballerini and Brothers Osborne. As you can see, many of the artists here are “new” or “developing” artists.

Randy Houser “We Went
Some may call this a surprise from Randy Houser, the man who can sing around most people but while he’s capable of more nuanced lyrics and vocal performances, this one is a fast-paced toe tapper that hasn’t left our Spotify playlists since it was released.

Craig Campbell “Tomorrow Tonight
Just released this week, “Tomorrow Tonight” is exactly the kind of single we hoped Craig Campbell would release when he launched his new record deal with RedBow Records. It’s catchy and fun.

Hunter Hayes “21
After a slight stumble with the Storyline album, Hunter Hayes is back (today) with this single. The song is very fun and — in fact — you can see more about why we’re digging this one here.

Aaron Tippin “God’s Not Through With Me Yet”
Just performed on The Bobby Bones Show, “God’s Not Through With Me Yet” is a delightful track from the veteran artist celebrating his 25th anniversary. It fits right in with this playlist and proves an artist doesn’t need to be totally ‘pop’ to still have hits on modern radio (now they just need to play it).

Kelsea Ballerini “XO”
An album cut from her very fine debut album (The First Time) which hit stores this week, “XO” is a great kiss off track in the fine tradition of Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift.

Kacey Musgraves “Biscuits
Still Brilliant whether radio wants to play Kacey Musgraves or not.

Chris Stapleton “Parachute
Perhaps the most “mainstream” song on the best album of 2015 (So far), “Parachute” really encompasses what Chris Stapleton does really well.

Drake White “It Feels Good”
Another passionate vocalist, Drake White is another artist radio should wanna play more.

Brothers Osborne “Stay A Little Longer
A huge hit in waiting. It’s modern but it’s country and, even better, it’s very, very cool musically.

Kristin Bush “Light Me Up
A fun, radio-ready song. Hopefully this one hits the Top 30 like his debut single “Trailer Hitch” did.

What do you think of our playlist?