Lee Brice Takes home Two ACM Awards For “I Don’t Dance”

Singer takes home award for the song he wrote as a gift to his wife Sara.

Because he was the artist and the producer of “I Don’t Dance,” which he wrote with friends Rob Hatch and Dallas Davidson, Lee Brice gets two ACM Awards for the song. It was the fastest country song to be certified platinum in 2014. It was the lead single from his album of the same name.

These are his first wins as the artist and producer following 2014’s “Song of the Year” win for “I Drive Your Truck.” The song is very personal to Lee Brice as it was written for his wife.

"'I Don't Dance' means a lot to me because I wrote it as a wedding gift for my wife Sara. Our second wedding anniversary is tomorrow, which makes this honor even more special."

His current single from I Don’t Dance, “Drinking Class” is approaching the top slot on the radio charts and has been certified Gold and is close to being certified Platinum.