The Weekly Single Recap For 4/10/2015

We take a look at 10 of the hottest singles in country music and let you know our quick-hit thoughts on ‘em with this, our weekly entry.

We take a look at 10 new songs hitting the charts this week, including some new tracks from the likes of George Strait, Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Thomas Rhett and Lady Antebellum. As always, the 'reviews' are short and sweet and to the point.

William Clark Green “Sympathy” (Bill Grease Records)
Talented artist is ready to break out of Texas, where this single (written with Old Dominion’s Brad Tursi) was already a #1 hit. It’s as good as anything on the mainstream country radio charts with a percussive melody and interesting lyrics and a strong vocal.

George Strait “Let It Go” (MCA Nashville)
The king is back. Good lord almighty, the King is back! All kidding aside, “Let It Go” has a retro-cool melody to it. It feels a bit beachy but also feels like it could’ve easily been a hit in multiple decades. A.K.A. “Let It Go” is timeless (and shouldn’t be confused with the Disney song of the same name).

Lady Antebellum “Long Stretch Of Love” (Capitol Nashville)
This thumper might be the best single from 747 and it’s that album’s third single. Should return the band to the Top 10.

Josh Goodlett “Why You Gotta Be That Way” (Good Entertainment)
He’s got a nice voice and the song is good but it'll be difficult to break out from the pack and this may not be the one to do it. But I can't wait to hear more.

Steve Azar (Feat. Sophie Young) “The Sky Is Falling (Patti Jo’s Prayer)” (Ride Records)
Steve Azar is an amazingly talented vocalist and songwriter and this is another great song but will radio play this mostly ballad track. I don’t know. But it won’t be because the song isn’t good (it’ll be for other reasons).

Tyler Hammond “Wild One Tonight (Bring On The Crazy)” (Independent)
Vocally reminds me of Blake Shelton mixed with Matt Thomas of Parmalee and that’s not a bad thing. Production is uptemo and contemporary, radio — especially SiriusXM’s “The Highway” — should wanna play this track. Can’t wait to hear more.

David Adam Byrnes - “Alcoholiday” (Independent)
The talented neo-traditionalist returns with a song that feels like a modern Tracy Lawrence track. It’s fun, uptempo and perfect for the spring and summertime.

Colt Ford “Crank It Up” (Average Joes Entertainment)
The Country/rapper has an uptempo SiriusXM hit with “Crank It Up.” It’s fun but it’s unlikely to be a mainstream hit but this guy should get one sooner or later if given a chance.

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen “Standards” (Thirty Tigers)
The popular singers finally make a duets album and this one is just plane ole country fun even if it doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being a hit in the mainstream market (it’s kinda the whole point of the song, though).

Thomas Rhett - “Crash And Burn” (The Valory Music Co.)
Catchy as an S.T.D,” “Crash And Burn” is the kind of song that’d have been a hit for anyone but it suits Thomas Rhett just fine and it’s easy to see why Gary Allan wanted to cut it (going so far as to write “Hangover Tonight” with the song’s writers when he was denied the chance to record it). May be the hit of the summer.