Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen - Hold My Beer: Vol. 1 Tracklist & Cover Art

Get all of the details about the long-awaited debut duets album from the critically acclaimed singer/songwriters. Set to hit stores on 4/20/15.

After years of touring successfully with their own music and together as an acoustic duo, Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers finally made it into the studio to record a few of those songs born out of the decade-long, house-packed acoustic tours. Hold My Beer: Vol. 1 is that record that’s been 15 years in the making, a chronicle of a bromance stronger than any other. Two friends making music together with steady veteran Texas-based producer Lloyd Maines bringing an air of sophisticated strength to the project.

"It became obvious to us that we should write the story of our friendship," explains Bowen, "How we met - how we became friends." That story began 15 years ago, when Rogers dropped by one of Bowen's gigs. "I invited him back to the house to jam," Rogers explains. "Anyway, the next thing you know, we're here, 15 years later."

The duo’s sense of camaraderie comes through in each of the 10 tracks on Hold My Beer: Vol. 1. Rich and played musical arrangements and the two talented vocalists are really are all that’s needed to have a cohesive artistic project fans are sure to cherish.

"'Til it Does' opens with a bright, swaying guitar line and Bowen's warm voice sighing, "I never told her that I loved her, but I do." From there, it settles slowly and sadly into its wistful, indelible chorus.

"The first time I heard it we were playing one of our acoustic shows together," Rogers recalls. "He played it, and by the time the second chorus came around, I knew the words and I was singing along. I looked at him when it was finished and said, "Did you write that? That's a damn good song. We gotta cut that."


Hold My Beer: Vol 1 tracklist:

  1. In the Next Life
  2. I had my hopes up high
  3. Til It Does
  4. Good Luck With That
  5. It’s Been A Great Afternoon
  6. Standards
  7. El Dorado
  8. Hangin’ Out In Bars
  9. Lady Bug
  10. Reasons To Quit