The Weekly Single Recap - August 22, 2014

Our weekly look at the latest singles from Nashville puts eleven tracks under the microscope.

This week’s weekly single recap returns with eleven new singles. Lee Brice, Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, Tyler Farr and Joe Nichols are among the stars with hot new singles on the charts and we take a look at their singles and also discuss the latest from newcomers Chase Bryant, Kayla Adams and Belles & Whistles while steady hit makers Will Hoge, Montgomery Gentry and Wade Bowen also return with new singles in our weekly recap.

Lee Brice - “Drinking Class” (CURB Records)
Lee Brice is simply on fire. He may have crafted the next, great Country blue collar anthem with “Drinking Class.” No way this isn’t a huge hit.

Darius Rucker - "Homegrown Honey" (Capital Records)
Written by Darius with Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, “Homegrown Honey” is perhaps the best bridge single from people’s memory of “Wagon Wheel” and Rucker’s next album. It’s a sing-a-long ready tune, even if the repetitive lines could get old quickly.

Will Hoge - “Middle America” (Cumberland Records)
The lead single from Hoge’s follow up to breakout album Never Give In, the song is as country as anything else these days, if not more. It’s straight up Heartland Country/Rock.

Kayla Adams - “Sober And Sorry” (CDX 597)
A likable enough song but I’d like to see what she can do with a song with a little more melody and range.

Blake Shelton - “Neon Light” (Warner Bros. Records)
Shelton returns with the lead single from his new album Bringing Back The Sunshine and damn if it doesn’t recall classic Country music in certain parts of the chorus (all the while sounding very current thanks to Scott Hendricks’ production. No way this isn’t a huge hit.

Montgomery Gentry - “Headlights” (CDX 602/Blaster Records)
At first I thought I was listening to something from Ronnie Dunn’s latest album then Eddie Montgomery’s familiar voice kicked in and it was like an old pair of Jeans. It’s A hit with charming vocals.

Chase Bryant - “Take It On Back”(RedBow Records)
The debut single from the rising singer is already a hit and it’s easy to see why - the performance is likable — but will this song be remembered five years from now, let alone a year?

Wade Bowen - “When I Woke Up Today” (Independent)
Wade Bowen returns with the lead single from his upcoming self-titled album. It’s a brilliant track thats as good as anything else he’s ever released. Listen here.

Belles & Whistles - “Princess” (See Blue Music)
A sweet song from the mother and daughter duo that has potential to be a new version of “The Judds.” Watch the video here.

Joe Nichols - “Hard To Be Cool” (RedBow Records)
“She’s so hot, what’s not to love?” This rollicking country rocker is perfect for the followup to #1s “Sunny & 75” and “Yeah.” It will ensure that Joe remains ‘hot’ with radio and fans alike.

Tyler Farr - “A Guy Walks Into A Bar” (CDX 602/Columbia Nashville)
A live anthem that feels like a long lost Motley Crue or Poison song, and that’s not a bad thing. Farr has some of the most unique vocals and “A Guy Walks Into The Bar” is proof.

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