Country Single Recap: July 25, 2014

Ten new singles go under our microscope to see if they're worthy of paying any attention to.

This week we take a look at 10 new singles that have recently been released to radio and give you our usual quick-hit responses to these new songs, including songs from Native Run, Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen, Sara Evans, Canaan Smith, Lindsay Ell, Brett Eldredge and more.

Lindsay Ell - Shut Me Up (Stoney Creek Records)

"Shut me up" has a retro 80s Country/Rock feel to the melody along with a strong vocal presence from the Canadian vocalist. "Shut Me Up" recalls the kind of "boy, you're gonna regret cheating" song that Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and The Band Perry have done from time time.

Native Run - "Good On You" (Show Dog-Universal/CDX 600)

The single is the first track to hit radio from the new Show Dog-Universal signing and it's the kind of earworm we'd expect to hear with their management team's Luke Laird in the production seat. The duo (Rachel Beauregard and Brian Dawley co-wrote the track with Steve Moakler ("Riser").

Jake Owen - "What We Ain't Got" (RCA Nashville)

Powerful, powerful single. Simply the best single of his career. Radio, you claim to want some stuff with more substance. Here's your chance, play it and play it a lot!

Brett Eldredge - "Mean To Me" (Atlantic Nashville/CDX 599)

"Mean To Me" hitting radio after two uptempo hits likely means that the stellar "One Mississippi" isn't gonna be a single. That's OK, it'll be a stellar album cut to revisit later in his career. As for this one, there should be no problem in scoring a third Top 10 hit in a row but will it go #1? That's all up to radio's programmers.

Michael Scott - "Radio Song" (Saba Records/CDX 600)

This song is as good as anything on Country radio and it was produced by Scott with mentors Tracy Lawrence and Flip Anderson. Scott had a strong album a few years back so it's great to have him back. The song is contemporary but clearly Country thanks to Scott's unmistakable Tracy Byrd-like vocal.

Sara Evans & Isaac Slade - "Can't Stop Loving You" (RCA Nashville/CDX 600)

Powerful and emotive new duet might stretch what mainstream Country programmers will allow on their radio stations but if they do, they'll be rewarded with great calls from fans who dig the power ballad.

Canaan Smith - "Love You Like That" (Mercury Nashville/CDX 600)

The singer previously known for "We Got Us" returns with new single and it's pretty different. It recalls Cole Swindell to us both in melody and vocal style. That doesn't mean it's not worth listening to because that melody is really catchy.

Florida Georgia Line - "Dirt" (Big Loud Mountain/Republic Nashville)

The powerful pioneers of "Bro" may be ready to move on from bonfires and muddy tires with their new album but they're still proving how down-home and authentically 'Country' they are here. Their best single, lyrically, to date.

The Cadillac Three - "Party Like You" (Big Machine Records)

These guys are popular songwriters around town and they certainly cornered the market on the Country genre's one Country/Rock (but mostly rock) band allowed at one time. This one's easier to digest than Top 40 debut "The South"

Kristian Bush - "Trailer Hitch" (StreamSound/CDX 599)

The other half of Sugarland (with Jennifer Nettles) showcases that he makes some really good songs outside of the band. In fact, he's probably more mainstream accessible as "Trailer Hitch" proves.