Album Review: Don Williams - Reflections

With Reflections, Country Music Hall of Famer Don Williams returns with another strong collection of songs which are indeed reflections and meditations on life. Continue on here to see why we think the album is another classic from a man with many classic and award-winning hits!

A Country Music Hall of Famer, Don Williams showcases why on the brilliant opening three tracks of Reflections, “I’ll Be Here In The Morning,” “Talk Is Cheap” and “I Won’t Give Up On You.” The latter song, if recorded by a younger chap (like Blake Shelton) might even stand a chance at mainstream radio success (it’d stand that chance with Don, if they played older stars and ballads). Much of Reflections is down-tempo or at the very best mid-tempo, which allows Don Williams to sing these sturdy Country music songs and let you hear the lyrics of songs like “Working Man’s Son,” “If I were Free” “Back To The Simple Things” and the fine closer, “The Answer,” a song which has classic hit written all over it with a timeless groove and melody. 

Reflections is bound to hit some of the year’s best-of lists, particularly folks who long for the days where these kinds of songs can and were big hits on the radio. The Gentle Giant Don Williams is a national treasure and hopefully will be here for many years to come to give us more great albums like Reflections