Album Review: Jerrod Niemann - High Noon

With High Noon Jerrod Niemann releases a record which is very much him and very much a record of the moment. It's really a record he's needed to make and one which showcases his massive potential as a Country music star with a unique skillset. See the full review here!

In fact, it may be the most ‘mainstream’ single Jerrod’s ever released and ended up being the perfect showcase for High Noon, a record which should solidify Niemann as a radio star with consistent songs which all have strong lyrics and interesting, unique melodies. There are interesting vocal harmonies on “Buzz Back Girl” (which has a dj scratch sound effect audible as well). “Space” has a vibe-y melody backing a traditional country story about wanting to get away from life and relationships. Another traditional-sounding track is the powerful ballad “I Can’t Give In Anymore,” a song with melody galore in just the vocal from Jerrod. Steel guitars are audible in the mix (and featured in a solo before the final melodic chorus.

The fact that there are ‘traditional’ songs on the record doesn’t mean Jerrod isn’t innovating like he has on his first two records, it’s just that the innovation is based on some EDM in the production but outside of “Drink To That All Night,” and the ridiculously fun and catch “Donkey,” there’s not much of that to be found here, at least so far in the mix that it takes away from the rest of the record. “Come On, Come On” has a vibe-y, uplifting melody and lyric while “We Know How To Rock” has a rhythmic, stomp and clap melody backing up lyrics about having a fun time with your buddies out in the country.   Another vibe-y single which still is very Country is “Day Drinkin’,” while “Refill” and “The Real Thing” also have more ‘country’ in their veins than many of the current ‘bro country’’ sounds do. 

Considering the crossroads that Jerrod Niemann was at with Radio prior to this release, he’s come through with a record that innovates without overlooking what is needed to be a Country star, stuff for Country radio. There are plenty of hits to be found on High Noon and they’re the kind of songs that should be accepted by radio programmers and fans alike, especially since even when he’s featuring interesting melodies, the songs never feel like they are dressed up pop or rock songs. 

Best tracks: “Space,” “Day Drinkin’,” “Refill,” “Buzz Back Girl,” “We Know How To Rock,” “Donkey.”