New Artist Spotlight: Introducing "Trippin' On Us" Singer Lindsay Ell

Rising singer/songwriter Lindsay Ell is different than your average new female artist. And Not because she's from Canada. She's different for her ability to play electric guitar (she plays lead guitar live). Take a look here to get to know the newcomer more in this latest New Artist Spotlight feature!

The music business is an especially tough nut to crack because while virtually everyone can (or thinks they can) sing, not many can and there are stories of hundreds of thousands of artists who are waiting for their next big break. The business can be even more cruel on female artists, particularly modern Country music, where it seems there are only 2-4 women given shots at consistent radio airplay at a given time. Add in the ability to wow people not only with her voice but as one of the industry’s best rising guitar talents, and you have Lindsay Ell.   

Whereas other young teenage girls were inspired by whatever pop vocalist was out on the market at the time, Lindsay Ell was inspired by guitars like Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Claption, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tommy Emmanuel and Derek Trucks. She even found herself gravitating to the Country music guitarists like Vince Gill and Keith Urban as she grew up in the spotlight after being discovered a decade ago by Randy Bachman when only 15 years old. Country Music stuck with her and found a home with Broken Bow Music Group’s Stoney Creek Records in Nashville where she went to work on her debut record with New Voice Entertainment (NV).

“It’s been great getting to record with them and finding the spaces where to play my solos on the album,” Lindsay says about working with NV. “They’ve allowed me to be me but also helped shape the album into a complete thing.” 

On recording her debut single “Trippin’ On Us,” the Calgary, Canada native said the track she wrote with NV’s David Fanning and songwriter Vicky McGeehee “Focuses on moments of relationships that everyone comes to.” With the track having multiple metaphors for life. 

As a female guitarist, Lindsay’s definitely heard it all before but working over a decade in the music business has given her the perspective to know how to answer the critics who think she should just sing and let a man do the guitar playing, stating that as an artist you need to “know who you are. You’ll have a lot of people telling you what to do. But it can take you away from you.

“So  if it’s not resonating with you, never let it doubt you. Especially as a guitarist, don’t let what others say get to you. Let your passion guide you,” she says.  

Touring with The Band Perry has provided quite a bit of insight in how to work and build a country music show with Lindsay immensely impressed with all three of the Perry siblings dedication to their craft. 

“I’m a workaholic,” she says. “But to see them work that hard, they never stop (working). Each show they try to make better than the night before, to keep raising the bar for themselves higher and higher.” 

Raising the bar higher and higher is definitely something Lindsay Ell has been doing the past decade as she’s evolved musically and found herself moving into her own path as an artist. Her US debut single “Trippin’ On Us” is currently out at radio with her US debut album for Stoney Creek Records to follow later in the year.