Story Behind The Song: The Warren Brothers Discuss Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift's "Highway Don't Care"

In this exclusive story to Roughstock, Songwriting team The Warren Brothers discuss how they came to write "Highway Don't Care," the next single from Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift! Read on here to learn more about this brand new song from Tim's Two Lanes Of Freedom CD!

Tim McGraw’s latest single, “One of Those Nights,” hasn’t even topped the charts, but its follow-up release, “Highway Don’t Care” – a duet with Taylor Swift and featuring Keith Urban on guitar – is already blazing up the charts. The tune was penned by country music’s loved one-time-duo, The Warren Brothers, who have been racking up the success in recent years as some of the best songwriters in Nashville. The Warrens co-wrote “Highway Don’t Care” with Josh Kear and Mark Irwin. 


“The cool thing about that song is that the part we wrote for the girl, she is just the voice on the radio,” Brad Warren explains to Roughstock. “It’s about the person you’re singing about in the song or singing to in the song is driving down the road. It says ‘and the song says’ and she comes in with ‘I can’t live without you, baby.’ 

“We wrote the girl’s part as just the voice on the radio,” he continues. “It’s not actually part of the lyrics; it’s just looked at as a voice on the radio. Then it kicks into the regular chorus. That’s one of those tricks you learn when you’ve been around for 20 years [laughs]! We’ve written all the way to the wall of goodness, and now we’re on our way back … so it’s getting worse. 

“We really loved that song when we wrote it, and we did write it as a duet,” notes Warren. “Of course you think I want Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift to do this as you’re writing it, but that usually doesn’t work out. So it’s really cool that this was it.”

Read the lyrics to "Highway Don't Care" here.