Darryl Worley - "Keep The Change"

Darryl Worley is no stranger to political songs.  His biggest hit, "Have You Forgotten?", saw pehonemenal success in the wake of 9/11 patriotism and the beginning of the Iraq War.  Does this song fall in like with previous political fare?  Is it a controversial single?

Darryl Worley is no stranger to political songs. His biggest hit, "Have You Forgotten?", saw phenomenal success in the wake of patriotic fervor fueled by 9/11 and the Iraq War. Later on, he addressed those returning from the war with, well, "I Just Came Back from a War." This time around, he presents "Keep the Change," which tackles the Obama administration head-on. As with his other political songs, he also had a hand in co-writing it, so that his voice can be clearly seen. 

Like Darryl, I'm a conservative. Also like him, I'm an average Joe who doesn't know everything, but I know enough to form a coherent enough political opinion. Maybe I don't work quite as hard or as diligently as he does, but I'm right there with him when I "wonder if this country's going crazy." I, too, can't help but question the "change" that's been emphasized so much in the past couple years. "Keep the Change" may speak in compressed terms about "those who died," "fat cats on the Hill" and "the little man." But the emphasis in his voice, especially when paired with the muscular production, makes it clear that he is not just throwing around such words. 

Country music is generally a more conservative audience; even so, politics isn't black and white, so "Keep the Change" is pretty much bound to be a polarizing song. I just know that I'm in general agreement with his views, and I have a feeling that I'm not alone. Even if you disagree with him, it's hard to deny that Worley is one of the more prominent and informed voices on the political side of country music.

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