Sugarland - Already Gone

After the massive success of "All I Want To Do," Sugarland has chosen to release a single that is acutely more like what they've become known for at country radio. Is "Already Gone" the best choice for the second single?

To follow-up their #1 hit "All I Want To Do," country superstar duo Sugarland has picked the single "Already Gone." It's the perfect kind of 'lazy,' song for late summer/early fall. Basically, it's a waltz about being willing to take a chance. And, by being willing to take that chance, we're more inclined to be willing to risk failure for the benefit of life experiences. As with all Sugarland songs, Jennifer Nettles sings the hell out of the lyric. Kristian Bush's mandolin can be heard in the background and he even sings (a bit too loudly, perhaps) the opening lyric to end the song.

With all of that being said, that doesn't mean that other songs like "We Run" "Keep You" or "It Happens" wouldn't have made for a great second single. Still, "Already Gone" is a good country song (it's not even remotely pop) and is something that should help Sugarland continue their string of hit singles.