Brandon Rhyder - Every Night

Brandon Rhyder has come quite a long way since he started his career in music at the beginning of the decade. He's really come into his own as a gifted singer and an emerging songwriter. Partnering with producer Radney Foster, Rhyder has delivered "Every Night," A collection of tunes that just might the best stuff he's put out to

Blessed with a soaring vocal that has an operatic timbre to it, Austin, Texas’ Brandon Rhyder has come a long way in just a short amount of time. After taking time away from his band to do some projects, Rhyder jumped headfirst into performing and has recently teamed up with Radney Foster to produce his latest release “Every Night.” “Have I Waited Too Long” starts off the record and immediately showcases that vocal along with the other thing that sets Rhyder apart: the lyric writing. The song is a self-written, slow-building piece of ear candy that only sounds better with each successive listen. In fact, that’s a general feeling I get about the whole album.

“She Couldn’t Lie Anymore” tells the tale of a breakup and it finds Rhyder sounding ever so sad about losing her because of the simple fact: he was deeply in love with her. Brandon’s vocals are expressive and help wring out the emotion of the song. With a smoky vibe, “Old Red Door” finds Rhyder singing about a group of friends who reminisce about the way their lives and how they never felt better than they do when they’re “living like it’s always Friday night behind that red door.” If there ever was a song to break through to the mainstream at country radio, “This Ain’t It” would likely be that song. It has an engaging up tempo melody and has a set of lyrics that have an immediate hook.

While it is true that some of Brandon Rhyder’s songs seem to discuss the same theme (love or the lack there of), “Every Night” is a record that finds Rhyder confidentially growing as an artist and while not a masterpiece, it’s a solid album that leads me confident that he may have such an album in his future.