Darius Rucker - "If I Told You"

Written by Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Shane McAnally. Produced by Ross Copperman. Released by Capitol Records Nashville in June 2016.

What if I told you ‘bout my little nothing town
The two-room house where I came from
The man that I got my name from
I don't even know where he is now

What if I told you sometimes I lose my faith
I wonder why someone like you would even talk to me
What if I told you there's no fixing me
‘Cause everybody's already tried
Would you stay, would you leave
I could wait, it'll all come out eventually

If I told you all the stupid things I’ve done
I blamed on being young
But I was old enough to know, I know
If I told you the mess that I can be
When there's no one there to see
Could you look the other way
Could you love me anyway

What if I told you I don't plan on staying here
My dreams are a million miles away
And I know your family's gonna want you to stay
You know what, I don't blame ‘em
So, I’ll say, what I don't want to
And I’ll just pray, you want what I do

(Repeat Chorus)

Could you love me anyway

So, before we go any further here
Let a week turn into another year
There's some things you probably don't wanna hear
But you have to

If I told you sometimes I get jealous
Sometimes I’m half-crazy
Would you say, the hell with me, to hell with me
If I told you, I barely know what love is
But girl, if that's what this is
I don't wanna let it slip away
No, no, no, no
Could you love me anyway, please
Could you love me anyway
Could you love me anyway
Could you love me anyway

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