Trent Harmon - "There's A Girl"

Written by Trent Harmon, Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz. Produced by Dann Huff. Released by Big Machine Records in June of 2016.

There's a girl somewhere in Tupelo
Who's with a guy she barely knows
Who'd probably sell his soul for a kiss
There's a girl somewhere in Arkansas
Who's talkin’ with a southern drawl
And guy who can't stop starin’ at her lips

Ain't it crazy how they make us all so crazy


Why would we drive 600 miles one way
Blow through cash that we ain't made
Get tattoos, wash our trucks
Push and press our luck
Why would we ask when we know we can't dance
Show our hands and change our plans
Lose our minds, break our hearts
And learn to play guitar
Why does any man do anything in the whole damn world
‘Cause there's a girl
‘Cause there's a girl

There's a girl somewhere with eyes so blue
You know a call just won't do
So here I am on Highway 45
First girl to get me to ask myself
How I'd been with anyone else
Any other minute of my life

Ain't it somethin’ how they get us doin’ somethin’

Repeat Chorus

Ain't it crazy how they get us goin’ crazy

Repeat Chorus