Keith Urban (Featuring Carrie Underwood) - "The Fighter"

Written & Produced by Keith Urban & busbee. Track taken from the "Ripcord" album.

I know he hurt you
Made you scared of love
Too scared to love
He didn’t deserve you
‘Cause your precious heart
Is a precious heart
He didn’t know what he had
And I thank God
Oh, oh, oh, oh

And it’s gonna take just a little time
But you’re gonna see that I was born to love you

What if I fall?
I won’t let you fall
What if I cry?
I’ll never make you cry
And if I get scared?
I’ll hold you tighter
When they’re tryin’ to get to you
Baby, I’ll be the fighter

Look in the mirror
You’re beautiful, so beautiful
I’m here to remind you
You’re my only one
Let me be the one
To heal all the pain that he put you through
With love like you never knew
Just let me show you

Repeat Chorus

I wanna believe that you got me baby
I swear, I do from now into the next life
I wanna love, wanna give you all my heart

Repeat Chorus

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