Brothers Osborne - "21 Summer"

Written by John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Craig Wiseman. Produced by Jay Joyce and Brothers Osborne at St. Charles Studio. Released by EMI Records Nashville.

Now and then
I think about you now and then
When I see that Chevrolet
That certain shade of blue
I hear that song
The one we sang all summer long
And even though it's been so long
It brings me back
Right back to you

I hope you find the storm that you were chasin’
I hope your eyes are still as full of dreams
As they were that night when you slipped off those cutoff jeans
When I hear the sound of high tide thunder
I can see your hair blowin’ in the breeze
I think about how you and that 21 summer made a man of me
Hey, you made a man of me

How you been
I'd love to hear ‘bout how you've been
You're the only broken heart I've ever had
And love to have again

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, you made a man of me

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