Billy Currington - "It Don't Hurt Like It Used To"

Written by Billy Currington, Cary Barlowe and Shy Carter. Produced by Dann Huff. Released as a single from the "Summer Forever" album via Mercury Nashville in January of 2016.

I had a couple of beers
With one of my friends
Told him just how our story ends
Did all I could to try to make it work
But you drug my heart through the Alabama dirt

I’ve been at the house
Climbing them walls
Checking that calendar
X’ing days off
Hit another bar
Called another friend
Throw a few down
Tell the story again

Hey, hey
What can I say
I could just lie
Say, it’s all ok
Oh, oh
What can I do
Been going through hell, getting over you
But it don’t hurt
It don’t hurt like it used too
No, it don’t hurt, it don’t hurt like it used too

I’m finally getting out
Back into the world
Life is good
I met me a girl
She got a beautiful heart
Eyes are blue
I don’t hardly ever think about you

Repeat Chorus

Sometimes I find
Peace of mind in a bottle of wine
But sometimes I break down and cry

Repeat Chorus Twice

No, it don’t hurt, it don’t hurt like it used too
It don’t hurt, it don’t hurt like it used too

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