Billy Currington - "Drinkin' Town With A Football Problem"

Written by Aaron Henningsen, Brian Henningsen, Clara Henningsen, Elizabeth McDavid Elkins and Vanessa Ann Olivarez. Produced by Dann Huff and released by Mercury Nashville in June, 2015.

Hey y’all, hey y’all, hey, hey y’all

Barhoppers, churchgoers
Marlboro Light smokers
Blue collar, red voters
Population 1,009

Past year’s cheerleaders
Old men fill the bleachers
Skeptics, true believers all
Gathered on a Friday night
Singing to the stars and stripes

We’re a drinking town with a football problem
With two main things we all have in common
We love ‘em both and don’t want to solve ‘em
We’re a drinking town with a football problem

Hey y’all, singin’, hey y’all, hey, hey y’all

Barn burners, nail biters
Shift workers, firefighters
Prom queens, outsiders
All livin’ for the love of the game

We still tell the same old story
Relive former glory
Went to state in ‘94
We got a trophy in the school hallway
The kids pass it by each day

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey, hey

When we win, we celebrate
And when we lose, we commiserate
Win or lose, we tie one on

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey, say, hey, hey y’all
Hey, hey y’all

© 2015 EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Line In The Sand; EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Taste Of Crow Music; EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Your Ears Will Never Go Hungry; Archenland Music; Gypsy Girl Music (BMI).