Darius Rucker - "So I Sang"

Written by Darius Rucker, Rivers Rutherford and Tim James. Produced by Keith Stegall. Released in March 2015 by Capitol Nashville on the album "Southern Style."

I never was the biggest or the fastest guy
I never hit a home run when the game was tied
I knew from an early age I wasn't gong to be
A doctor or the CEO of anything

So I sang, "She Believes In ME"
And I played "Fire On The Mountain"
Til I made my fingers bleed
I tried to stand out from the crowd
But most times I just struk out at the plate
So I sang

I wasn't cool enough to be a ladies man
It took me forever to just hold her hand
First time we kissed, she whispered I love you
But I wasn't brave enough to say I loved her to

So I sang "you are so beautiful to me"
And I played every note of "Faithfully"
I loved her with everything
But I couldn't think of anything to say
So I Sang

No one believed in me as much as Mom
See, she worked overtime to buy my first guitar
When the angels called her home
My sister asked me to speak
But there were no words to say how much she meant to me

So I sang "It is well with my soul"
And I played "I'm So Tired Of Being Alone"
'Cause those were Mama's favorite songs
And what I felt would take too long to say
So I sang
Yes, I sang
So I sang