The Bros Landreth - "I Am The Fool"

Written by Wally Landreth. Produced by Murray Pulver. Released in January 2015 by Slate Creek Records from the album "Let It Lie."

Look out little rodeo rider
Little girl, you ride so fast
That's a rough track you're travelling on
Hope you can make your ride last

Sweet as apple blossom
Bright as the clear blue aboce
Them demons is hot on your tail
Oh and you, you're trying to hide behind love

I am the fool
Baby who loves you

You can run as fast
And as far as you can
You never gonna escape from your past
Sometimes your past is all you ever have

I really fell for you
I was not planning to
Out of the blue
I was out of my mind
Nothing can stop love
Nobody can top love
But, is this love?
It's so unkind
Unkind of love

I am the fool
Baby who loves
I am the fool
baby who cares

I could stand here on your back porch
Forever and a day
Listen to you curse my name
'Til your hair turns grey

Take care and keep your chin up
I know you're going to be just fine
Gonna miss your sweet, sweet lovin'
It's your line of goods I just ain't buying

I am the fool
baby who loves
I am the fool
Baby who cares