Cledus T. Judd (& Colt Ford) - "Luke Bryan"

Written by Cledus T. Judd, Chris T. Cream Clark, Bill Whyte, Colt Ford. Interpolated from "Blurred Lines" written by Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke. Produced by Cledus T. Judd. Released in November 2014 by RoseyMoMusic and Average Joes Entertainment.

Everybody loves Luke (Cheers)
Ummmhmmmm (Cheers)
Everybody loves Luke
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Did y’all see it the other night
He wore tight jeans, on the CMA’s
Then he musta did, what all his friends say
Girls scream like he is deaf, when he shakes his behind
The ladies love Luke Bryan
Everybody loves Luke
His Truck is all jacked up, he’s a Georgia license plater
And you’re a fanimal, he’ll sign your tata’s later
He ain’t no imitator, his accent needs translators, just like ole Flava flavor’s
Zach Brown don’t be a hater
Luke Bryan
That redneck tycoon, when he sings a tune, your speakers go boom boom
All you county girls
Think he’s fantastic, do something drastic, for backstage passes
Love some Luke Bryan

I know you want him, you know I know him, those moves I taught him
You’re a country girl
So shake it for me, so shake it for me
Seriously…shake it for me
When he sang with Aldean, busting out of his jeans, one thing that we all know
He’s got the biggest truck in this place
I may be funny (HA HA HA), what rhymes with funny (HA HA HA)
I ain’t got no money (HA HA HA)

Yeah it’s his kinda night, and he’s a winner winner
Give him a hook and line, catch you a catfish dinner
Dance on his daddy’s tractor
Girl you know it don’t matter, just swing it like a batter, bring on that country rapper
Everybody talk about Luke Bryan
Now the girls tellin’ me he’s so fine
My trucks big girl, what about mine

She said Colt have you seen him grind, he shakes them hips around
I said yeah what about it, she said his jeans are tight, I said yeah they look crowded
Ole Luke’s got everything, big truck, boats, planes
Hot wife, great life, and fame
I think I’m gonna change my name
Y’all can call me Luke two, I wanna do what he do
Dance around on the ACM’s, man I think I dance better than him
Shakes his bumper, gets down, (whistle), gets up
All the girls may flirt, but Luke don’t flirt
Cause his wife will hurt

Hey hey hey
You can “Crash His Party” in Georgia or Jamaica
“Rain Is A Good Thing” in Dakota or Decatur
They like his singing
They like his dancing
And he’s years from Branson
That’s why I wish I was Luke Bryan
That Redneck tycoon
When he sings a tune
Your speakers go boom boom
All you country girls
Think he’s fantastic, do something drastic, for backstage passes

Cledus T. Judd Luke Bryan.