Kenny Chesney - "American Kids"

Doublewide Quick Stop midnight T-top
Jack in her Cherry Coke town
Momma and Daddy put their roots right here
‘Cause this is where the car broke down
Yellow dog school bus kickin’ up red dust
Pickin’ us up by a barbed wire fence
MTV on the RCA, no A/C in the vents

We were Jesus save me, blue jean baby
Born in the USA
Trailer park truck stop, faded little map dots
New York to LA
We were teenage dreamin’, front seat leanin’
Baby, come give me a kiss
Put me on the cover of the Rolling Stone
Uptown down home American kids
Growin’ up in little pink houses
Makin’ out on living room couches
Blowin’ that smoke on a Saturday night
A little messed up, but we’re all alright

Baptist church parkin’ lot, tryin’ not to get caught
Take her home and give her your jacket
Makin’ it to second base, but sayin’ you went all the way
Monday afternoon at practice

Sisters got a boyfriend Daddy doesn’t like
Now he’s sittin’ out back, 3030 in his lap
In the blue bug zapper light

Repeat Chorus twice
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