Old Dominion - "Dirt On A Road"

(loop: “What I need a man, What I need is a man, who knows something about these things)

I know you got this little game you play
Whippin’ round your pony tail
Like you know it’s hot as hell
gettin all the fellas jealous
Cause you like to kiss and tell
Just to make my heart swell
Girl, you must not know me well
If you think I’ll stand for that
Not reach out my hand for that
You drive me out of my mind with that
Ain’t nobody got time for that so…
When you think you’re good and ready,
You know where you can get me
Light your number up on my cell

If you wanna rock with me, Then I will roll
We can pick that lock and drive it like we stole it
With the radio up, edge of this town, little sundress, let your hair down
Driving me wild, girl just say go, I’ll be on you
Like dirt on a road


My mama taught me to treat a lady with respect
But what the heck did you expect with the perfume on your neck
Is smellin’ all so good, peaches and cream
You’re so fly you make a trout want to jump out of the stream
So, walk those little boots you’re wearing right on over here to where I’m standing’
and lets get to causing a scene…

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Like Dirt On A Road
Like Dirt on a road