Eli Young Band - "10,000 Towns"

Hell yeah, amen
Hallelujah, how ya been
8-point, 8-ball, first base, last call
Chrome grill, mud flop, party back in the pines
Fight song, tom-tom
Friday night pom-pom
Redneck, hip-hop, county court house clock
Beauty shop turning' off that open sign
Anywhere the crossroads hit
Doesn't matter where it is
I can tell you this

We'll be hitting' that main street
hot on a cool night
Sneakin' a 6-pack kiss at the red light
Circlin' up out back behind that Texaco
Brushin' the blonde hair out of her blue eyes
Countin' the stars out under the big sky
Passin' the bottle 'round to see how far it goes
Some folks swear we ain't got one prayer left in sight
But I know everything's gonna be alright
As long as this is join' on in 10,000 towns tonight

Steeples, dive bars
Air and water no charge
Everbody knows who's goin' to the grave yard
And pulls over when they're passin' by
Yeah, that circle's gonna be unbroken in the by and by
But later on tonight

Repeat Chorus

10,000 towns tonight

Repeat Chorus

10,000 towns tonight
10,000 towns tonight