Dierks Bentley - "Five"

Back in my day I was always
Crusin' the road on Sunday
Makin' those tires spin your way
Yeah, it seems like yesterday
We'd go Swingin' on the front porch
You were all mine and I was all yours
Yeah, those are the days I miss
A 10 minute ride, I could make it in 5

This might sound crazy but maybe
You're thinking' 'bout me tonight
'Cause I'm Thinkin' 'bout you tonight
Somethin' 'Bout the taste of a first love, first touch
That don't even seem to fade
Now you're 600 miles away
And a 10 Hour Drive
But if you call me tonight,
I can make it in 5

The last I heard you were on the west coast
looking' hotter than a Texas summer
Yeah girl, I can't help but wonder
What you've seen, what you've missed
What you've felt, who have you kissed
Girl, you never crossed my mind
Yeah, you stay there all the time

Repeat Chorus

I don't know how many nights that I've spent sarin' at this phone
Lookin' for your area code or some number, yeah, that I don't know
But the one that came up tonight is the one I've known all my life
It's your mama's place and I heard your pretty voice say
This might sound crazy
But are you Thinkin' 'bout me tonight?
Cause I'm thinking' bout you tonight, yeah,
Somethin' 'bout the taste of a first love, first touh
That don't ever seem to fade
And I just need to see your face
It's a 10 minute drive, this ole Truck's gonna fly,
I'll be there in 5
Yeah baby, sit tight
Yeah, I'll be there in 5, yeah
I'll be there in 5,
This ol' truck's gonna fly
I'll be there in 5,